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200W/400W LED Dimmer Switch Euro Standard

Range S80
Product or component typr Dimmer
Dimmer type Universal
Dimmer control Rotary push type
Power: Max.200W
Color: PC White and customized
Dimension: 74.7*74.7*56.5mm
Rated Voltage: 250VAC
Working Frequency: 50HZ
Rated Power Incandescent lamp: 25...200 W
High Voltage Halogen lamp: 25...200 W
Dimmable LED lamp: 5...200 VA
Low Voltage halogen lamps: 25...200 W
Function available With memory function
protection type Automatic overload protection
Overheating protection
Short-circuit protection
surface finish Glossy
connections - terminals Screw terminal
number of loop terminals 2
Certification CE